Kris Fobes is the founder, CEO, and developer of GeneSavvy™, which is the genetic platform that currently powers the PMG™ ecosystem. With only an associates degree in applied science, Kris has continued his education by using online platforms with top schools like Harvard and MIT to gain the knowledge needed to start, build and run companies in bioinformatics, software development, genetic based telemedicine, supplement manufacturing, and primary care practice management. This diverse experience in health care related business along with data science and computer science gives him the unique insight needed to build a fully integrated personalized medicine platform and understand the operational needs within. Kris currently lives in Seattle, WA which allows him to be surrounded by high tech, forward thinking minds which fuels his need to innovate and drive the personalized medicine industry forward. Kris currently suffers from a condition called “Insatiable Curiosity” which has no known cure but can be managed through continuous knowledge acquisition.