Project Team

Raven Baxter, PhD, Molecular biologist and multi-award winning expert and researcher in science communication

Valerie Lovine, Physical therapist and education liason

Amy Proal, PhD, President/Chief Scientific Officer, PolyBio Research Foundation

David Putrino, PhD, Director of Rehabilitation Innovation for the Mt Sinai Health System, Associate Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt Sinai.

Dr. Raven Baxter will lead education program conceptualization and design

Project summary:

Development of a comprehensive education program on LongCOVID and related virus-driven chronic illness. Educational materials will be offered online free of charge, and made available worldwide to physicians and medical professionals including physical therapists and nurses, as well as patients and the general public. Content will include accessible interviews with top experts, and will be iterated based on feedback from the community.

Project background: 

Hundreds of scientific papers have documented a wide range of biological abnormalities— from viral persistence, to blood clotting issues, to hormonal imbalances, to energy dysfunction — in patients with LongCOVID. However, the science behind these discoveries is complex. Knowledge on how to best translate discoveries into standard clinical practice requires communication with a wide range of experts. The project team at the Cohen Center for Recovery from Complex Chronic Illness (CoRE) is working to create a free medical education program that simplifies complex concepts in video format. Curriculum development will be led by Dr. Raven Baxter – a molecular biologist and multi-award-winning expert and researcher in science communication. Also known as “Dr. Raven the Science Maven”, she engages the public with the world of science, striving to make it accessible, comprehensible, and deeply meaningful for everyone.